Regional defense news: US sub re-homed to West Pacific, missile launch site development near Taiwan

In moves resembling a game of geostrategic chess, the US has forward-deployed a nuclear submarine to “the tip of the spear” in Guam, Japan’s development of a missile launch site on Ishigaki Island, near Taiwan, is advancing, China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier has sailed through the Miyaki Strait into the West Pacific, and a German naval vessel is in the South China Sea for the first time in 20 years. USS Jefferson City forward-deployed to new home base Guam The Los

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Japan to strengthen defense logistics in southwest islands as territorial tensions rise

Japan plans to add three transport ships to support troops deployed on remote southwestern islands in response to increasing incursions by the China Coast Guard, and a new law passed in China authorizing the coast guard to use lethal force against foreign ships. Voice of America (VOA) Chinese language service reported that Japan’s government will equip the Ground Self-Defense Force (GDSF) with three ships for logistics support. It is the first time the GDSF has been provided with its own

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Japan Establishes New Military Outpost Near Taiwan

Japan brought a new radar installation online yesterday March 28, on Yonaguni Island just 100 kilometers from the port of Su’ao on Taiwan’s east coast. The installation will be manned by a contingent of 160 soldiers. Yonaguni Island has a population of around 1500 and is part of the YaeYama group of Islands of Okinawa Prefecture. First annexed by Japan in 1879, it was occupied by the USA from 1945 until 1972. Construction of the military surveillance facilities began in

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