Taiwan TV and Radio News Streams

ICRT Radio provides the most reliable and authoritative weekly news roundup broadcast Friday nights at 8:30pm, and available as a podcast: Taiwan This Week.

Taiwan this week features authoritative sources inside Taiwan who can provide knowledgeable commentary on news-worthy topics in the country.

June 2019, Taiwan Report, a current affairs show focusing on Taiwan politics went to air on You Tube, featuring commentators Courtney Donovan Smith and Michael Turton. Smith and Turton are long term residents of Taichung City with an intimate knowledge of Taiwan’s domestic politics with the addition of an international perspective.

Era News (Channel 50) broadcasts The View with Catherine Chang Monday to Friday on YouTube:

Formosa English News can be seen nightly, weekdays, at 11:45 pm on Formosa TV – channel 53 on cable or MOD. The Formosa English News Program can be as short as 5 minutes long or may extend to 15 to 20 minutes on a good night. The latest videos are uploaded to their You Tube channel Formosa English News.

The following sources are Chinese language, but may be useful when live and up-to-date sources are necessary.

Live Taiwan News Streams

Formosa TV

Chung T’ien Television CTI TV

TTV News

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