First tuna of the season a record-breaker at 320kg

The first tuna of the 2023 season at the Port of Su’ao weighed in at 320 kilograms, breaking an all time record for first catch of the year, and a 10-year seasonal record.

The 267-centimeter long bluefin was caught by the Zai Fa No.68 near the Diaoyutai (Senkaku) Islands in waters covered by the Taiwan-Japan Fisheries Agreement.

The captain of the Zai Fa No.68 reported the catch at 8:00 am Tuesday, April 11, estimating its weight at 190 kilograms. However, when the fish was unloaded at Nanfang’ao Fishing Harbor on the morning of April 12, it weighed in at a whopping 320 kilograms.

The Su’ao District Fisherman’s Association said that the first tuna of the season, “Su’ao No.1 Tuna,” has averaged around 200 kilograms in recent years. For example, from 2019 to 2022, Su’ao No.1 Tuna weighed, 210kg, 200kg, 183kg, and 270 kg respectively.

The fisheries association said that Su’ao No.1 must meet three conditions: it must be caught by a boat operating out of the Port of Su’ao, weigh at least 180 kilograms, and be caught live on a hook.

The 2023 Su’ao No.1 Tuna is scheduled to be sold at auction at 9:00 am, April 15.

Last year’s Su’ao No.1 sold at NT$7,000 per kilo with a total price of NT$1,890,000 (US$61,890), however, the first tuna of the season in southern Taiwan was auction off on April 7 this year and reached a sky-high price of NT$10,200 per kilo.

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