Newest US Navy strategic guidance aims at deterring China from invading Taiwan

US Navy secretary Carlos Del Toro provided a preview of his new strategic guidance earlier this week and revealed that one aim is to deter China from invading Taiwan, reported Defense News. Del Toro previewed the new strategic guidance during a lecture at the U.S. Naval Academy Tuesday night, October 5. “The desired goal, quite frankly, is not to fight China. No one wants to enter into a conflict. … It’s our ultimate responsibility to deter them from what they’re

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US Air Force conducts flybys around Taiwan after China’s provocative air maneuvers

American B-52 long-range bombers, and a C-130J flew east and west of Taiwan yesterday, February 12, just two days after a Chinese bomber crossed the median line of the Taiwan Strait. According to Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense (MOD), two US Air Force B-52s skirted Taiwan’s air-defense zone off the east coast of Taiwan moving north to south, while an MC-130J flew in the same direction via the Taiwan Strait to the west between Taiwan and China. The flights come just

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Japan Establishes New Military Outpost Near Taiwan

Japan brought a new radar installation online yesterday March 28, on Yonaguni Island just 100 kilometers from the port of Su’ao on Taiwan’s east coast. The installation will be manned by a contingent of 160 soldiers. Yonaguni Island has a population of around 1500 and is part of the YaeYama group of Islands of Okinawa Prefecture. First annexed by Japan in 1879, it was occupied by the USA from 1945 until 1972. Construction of the military surveillance facilities began in

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