Regional defense news: US sub re-homed to West Pacific, missile launch site development near Taiwan

In moves resembling a game of geostrategic chess, the US has forward-deployed a nuclear submarine to “the tip of the spear” in Guam, Japan’s development of a missile launch site on Ishigaki Island, near Taiwan, is advancing, China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier has sailed through the Miyaki Strait into the West Pacific, and a German naval vessel is in the South China Sea for the first time in 20 years. USS Jefferson City forward-deployed to new home base Guam The Los

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Declassified US Indo-Pacific security framework document shows commitment to defense of Taiwan

The surprise declassification of the U.S. Strategic Framework for the Indo-Pacific has revealed that the current US national defense policy for the Asia-Pacific region includes a commitment to developing a defense strategy capable of denying China air and sea dominance inside the “first island chain,” and “defending the first-island-chain nations, including Taiwan.” The previously classified “secret” and “not for foreign nationals” document was developed in 2017, and has guided the Trump administration since 2018. The document was officially declassified last

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US Supports Democratic Taiwan amidst “China’s Growing Pains”

Daniel R. Russel, Assistant Secretary of the US State Department Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs reiterated that the USA supports a democratic Taiwan, and stands for universal values and human rights. The statement was made at The University of Southern California during a conference of China and East Asia analysts under the banner of “China’s Growing Pains.” Mr Russel emphasized that “China policy is a subset of our Asia policy, and not the other way around.” “The context

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