Two new rapid minelaying boats inaugurated at Zuoying Naval Base

President Tsai Ing-wen presided over the inauguration ceremony for two new rapid minelaying boats at Zuoying Naval Base in Kaohsiung City today, December 14. The two boats will form the 1st and 2nd Mine Boat Squadrons of the 192nd Fleet (Minesweeper Fleet) of the ROC Navy. The navy spent NT$917.7 million to commission four of the vessels which were all delivered by Longteh Shipbuilding Company in 2021. President Tsai said that the shipbuilding program demonstrates Taiwan’s achievements in promoting the

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Regional defense news: US sub re-homed to West Pacific, missile launch site development near Taiwan

In moves resembling a game of geostrategic chess, the US has forward-deployed a nuclear submarine to “the tip of the spear” in Guam, Japan’s development of a missile launch site on Ishigaki Island, near Taiwan, is advancing, China’s Liaoning aircraft carrier has sailed through the Miyaki Strait into the West Pacific, and a German naval vessel is in the South China Sea for the first time in 20 years. USS Jefferson City forward-deployed to new home base Guam The Los

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Navy takes delivery of two more rapid mine-laying ships, increasing asymmetric combat power

Taiwan’s ROC Navy officially took delivery of two rapid mine-laying ships at a ceremony yesterday, December 16, marking an upgrade in national defense research and development, and the improvement of naval mine-laying capability. The two vessels, FMLB-2 and FMLB-3 are the second and third of four rapid mine-laying ships to be built by domestic shipbuilder Lungteh Shipbuilding. The first of the tentatively-named “Minjiang” Class mine-laying ships was launched August 4, 2020. According to the Ministry of National Defense, the ships

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China launches third 075 class amphibious assault ship: could be used for military invasion of Taiwan

The People’s Republic of China launched its third 075 class amphibious assault ship today, January 29, and the ships may be part of a plan to eventually carry out a military assault on Taiwan, according to some sources. Beijing’s communist mouthpiece Global Times reported today that the third 075 amphibious assault ship was launched from the Hudong-Zhonghua Shipyard in Shanghai, noting that the three warships launched so far were manufactured at “an astonishing speed.” “The country has cleared technical difficulties

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Taiwan Navy Accidentally Fires Missile: 1 Killed, 3 injured

A fishing boat captain was killed and 3 crew injured when a Taiwan Navy crew accidentally fired a Hsiung Feng III anti-ship missile during a drill in the Taiwan Strait this morning July 1, 2016. Around 8:10am crew on a 500-ton Chinchiang-class corvette were testing equipment when they accidentally fired the missile. The missile with a range of 300 kilometers fell into waters near Penghu. An explosion on a fishing boat was reported around the same time but it was

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