About Taiwan English News

Taiwan English News aims to fill a large gap between what is reported in the Chinese language news media in Taiwan, and what is published in the English language media.

Of the major English language news networks based in Taiwan, two are associated with opposing political parties, while another belongs to a major industrial conglomerate.

There is an official government outlet managed by bureaucrats, and others run by radical groups that oppose “the status quo.”

International English language media outlets referring to Taiwan tend to be more interested in politics, and Taiwan’s challenges as a marginalized state within a global political and economic context, in which Taiwan is over-shadowed by a dominant state that claims Taiwan as part of its territory.

Taiwan English News is more interested in what happens every day in the streets of Taiwan.

text stating that there are no gun crimes in Taiwan
There are no gun crimes in Taiwan… myths are easily perpetrated in the absence of information.

Reports are written using information sourced in Taiwan’s Chinese language media. Original reports are not translated, they are used to gather information. Typically, multiple sources are consulted in producing a single article. If a report is compiled from one original source, the source will be attributed.

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