Letters to the Editor

November 6, 2021

Dear Taiwan,

There is only one China. There is only one Taiwan! There is no Republic of China nor is there United States of Great Britain. An independent Taiwan is called The Republic of Taiwan. I support your independence! I do not support your country’s name.


Richard M Baum, Phoenix Arizona UDSA

December 6, 2020

Dear Sir, I am writing to tell you that there are many people in Australia that totally support the independence of Taiwan and the Taiwanese people.

Having visited your country more than 25 years ago, I have very fond memories of the people and the country, and this year my wife and I were booked to visit China for 10 days.

After the disgraceful criminal lock-down and emergency imposed on the people there we cancelled the booking and have decided to spend the time in your country.

Unfortunately the Corona virus lock-down by our government has totally curtailed any international flights for the present time. We for one totally support the freedom and independence of your country and am sure there are thousands of fellow Australian’s who were disgusted when little effort was made to rightfully support you in the international councils.

The effort by the CCP to cripple us economically will be totally resisted in my country, and the CCP has totally misread the spirit of Australia and Taiwan. Be strong, and resolute, and know that freedom loving people everywhere are behind you. Looking forward to once more visiting the Sun Moon Lake area , all the best for 2021.

Roger Coles

November 27, 2020 

Hi, Recently I have been thinking of an old friend of mine from Taiwan. The last time I saw her was in 1974 in Kaohsiung (sp ?) . I am hoping that someone that reads this could help me find her. Her name is Ho Siou Chin another way to spell it is Ho Hsia Chen. She lived in Chungli City and Towu Hsiang,Towu Village. She would be in her 60’s years old now. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance. 你好 最近我一直在想我的一个台湾老朋友。 我上次见到她是1974年在高雄(sp?)。 我希望阅读此书的人可以帮助我找到她。 她的名字叫Ho Siou Chin另一种拼写方式是Ho Hsia Chen。 她住在中gli市和陶屋乡的陶屋乡。 她现在60岁了。 任何帮助表示赞赏,谢谢。 Nǐ hǎo zuìjìn wǒ yīzhí zài xiǎng wǒ de yīgè táiwān lǎo péngyǒu. Wǒ shàng cì jiàn dào tā shì 1974 nián zài gāoxióng (sp?). Wǒ xīwàng yuèdú cǐ shū de rén kěyǐ bāngzhù wǒ zhǎodào tā. Tā de míngzì jiào Ho Siou Chin lìng yī zhǒng pīnxiě fāngshì shì Ho Hsia Chen. Tā zhù zài zhōng gli shì hé táo wū xiāng de táo wū xiāng. Tā xiànzài 60 suìle. Rènhé bāngzhù biǎoshì zànshǎng, xièxiè.

Jimmy Edwards

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