Cops Help Foreign Student Tow Scooter to Repair Shop

A Ukrainian student studying at National Chiao Tung University was impressed by the helpfulness of Taiwan police after police officers helped him locate a mechanic and then towed him to the repair shop yesterday, October 10.

Mykola was enjoying a trip around Hsinchu County’s Neiwan Scenic Area when his scooter broke down. It was a national holiday and the last day of a four-day long weekend, so most motorcycle repair shops were closed.

Two police officers spotted the blond-haired, blue-eyed young man pushing his scooter and asked if he was okay. Mykola was not fluent in Chinese, but fortunately one of the officers had a confident command of English. The student, who the officers described as “as agitated as ants on a hot pan” told them he needed a mechanic to repair his scooter.

One officer called around and located a scooter mechanic open for business about 4km away. However, the mechanic was short staffed and couldn’t send anyone to pick up the scooter.

The police officers used a tow rope and towed Mykola to the scooter shop themselves.

police, mechanic, and foreign student
A mechanic repairs a broken down scooter on a national holiday in Taiwan, October 10, 2017.
Taiwan police and Ukrainian student
A Ukrainian student studying in Taiwan poses with a police officer who helped him out after he broke down in a rural area in Hsinchu County, October 10, 2017. Picture: Neiwan Police Facebook page.

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