Iranian Man Attacks Cops

An Iranian man referred to in Chinese language news reports as “Wahid” attacked police officers standing guard at an intersection of Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei City this morning. Two officers required hospital treatment after the attack.

Shortly after 11:00am the police officers were standing in the pouring rain at the intersection of Gongyuan Road and Ketagalan Boulevard when the Iranian suddenly approached and started swinging punches.

Liberty Times Network reported that the man is about 30 years old and is suspected to be suffering from mental illness.

Video of the incident recorded by a passing motorist shows the man, who is already handcuffed on one wrist, attacking officers attempting to subdue him. During the altercation he is seen headbutting one of the officers.

A Yahoo Kimo News report claims the man was standing in the middle of the road and jumped into a police car when police stopped to advise him to get off the road. According to the Yahoo report, the man attacked police after they arrived at the police station.

Apple Daily reported that Wahid is a former Doctoral student in chemistry at National Taiwan University and had worked as a teaching assistant before leaving Taiwan. Wahid returned to Taiwan in April this year and held a work visa due to expire in September. He had extended his visa to March next year.

In the end it took 6 police officers to subdue Wahid.

Police video that emerged this afternoon showed the man on the ground with police officers on top of him. The man shouts “You must pay! I remember your name. The camera is here. The camera is here. You must pay. He is not the police. He is not a police. He must pay.”

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