Cops pass the hat around to help elderly man get through winter after arrest for petty theft

Police at a station in Taoyuan City bought food for a man they arrested on suspicion of petty theft, then passed the hat around and sent him off with a little cash in his pocket, hoping that it could help him through the winter. Officers from Guishan District Police Precinct were on patrol last night when they noticed two men apparently having an argument on Wensan Third Street at around 9:00 pm. The police officers stopped to question the men,

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Police officers help family after father of 5 sent to prison

Police officers who went to a man’s home after he failed to turn up to serve a prison sentence found a family struggling to survive, and decided to pitch in with blankets and food. When the District Prosecutor asked the man, Mr Wen, why he hadn’t turned up to serve his sentence, Wen replied that he had five children and a wife to look after. The family depended on a welfare subsidy of a little over NT$10,000 per month, and

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Cops stand guard over drunk man asleep on road in Taichung City

Police officers in Taichung City set up traffic cones and stood guard to protect a man who was so drunk he fell asleep on the road at an intersection in South District. Police were called to the scene shortly before 4:30 am, after a man alighted from a taxi, then promptly fell asleep on the road. Police were unable to rouse the man from his sleep, and fire bureau paramedics were not allowed to take the man for medical treatment

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Cops Help Foreign Student Tow Scooter to Repair Shop

A Ukrainian student studying at National Chiao Tung University was impressed by the helpfulness of Taiwan police after police officers helped him locate a mechanic and then towed him to the repair shop yesterday, October 10. Mykola was enjoying a trip around Hsinchu County’s Neiwan Scenic Area when his scooter broke down. It was a national holiday and the last day of a four-day long weekend, so most motorcycle repair shops were closed. Two police officers spotted the blond-haired, blue-eyed

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Lost in Kaohsiung

A fifteen year-old Chinese girl lost her way in Kaohsiung after becoming separated from her mother and tour group. The girl walked into a police station to ask for help.  When the police captain asked her how she became separated from her mother, the girl explained she had an argument with her mother at a nightmarket. “What did you argue about?”, the police officer asked. The girl explained that she had heard it said that Taiwanese people were polite, obeyed traffic rules,

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