Eight Months Prison for NT$87 Snatch & Grab

A man in Pingtung County was sentenced to 8 months in prison after being convicted of stealing NT$87 from a busker at a Pingtung night market earlier this year.

On June 2, at around 8:00pm, a 58 year-old ukulele player named Shia was performing at the night market and had accumulated NT$87 in his bowl, when a thief suddenly snatched the bowl and ran.

Mr Shia chased the thief, 40 year-old Hung, and caught up with him on a street corner. The two men scuffled outside a convenience store, and the money scattered on the ground.

While Mr Shia was picking up the change, Hung ran to a nearby train station. Shia managed to recover NT$70.

Police later arrested Hung at the train station. The officers found NT$17 on Hung’s person and returned the money to Mr Shia.

On sentencing Hung, the judge said that although the amount of money involved was small, Mr Hung is a recidivist, and therefore must serve 8 months for his crime.

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