Cops pass the hat around to help elderly man get through winter after arrest for petty theft

Police at a station in Taoyuan City bought food for a man they arrested on suspicion of petty theft, then passed the hat around and sent him off with a little cash in his pocket, hoping that it could help him through the winter. Officers from Guishan District Police Precinct were on patrol last night when they noticed two men apparently having an argument on Wensan Third Street at around 9:00 pm. The police officers stopped to question the men,

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Support Pours in for Young Man who Crashed into Ferraris while Helping Widowed Mother

Cash donations, free legal services and advice, use of company cars, and help with tuition fees are among the offers of support that are flooding in for a young man who crashed into a group of Ferrari sports cars on Sunday morning, while working to support his widowed mother, and family. The 20-year-old man named Lin had finished work late Saturday night at a barbecue restaurant, and had set off at around 5:00am to make deliveries for his mother’s Joss

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