Santas on Harleys visit central Taiwan’s oldest Catholic church for Christmas

Close to one hundred Harley Davidson motorcycle owners put on Santa costumes for a procession through Puxin Township, Changhua County, finishing at the Luocuo Church, known as the oldest Catholic church in central Taiwan. Organized by the “Iron Wings” Motorcycle Club, Harley riders from three counties converged on Puxin on the invitation of the town’s Mayor, who also happens to be a member of the club. Puxin Township Mayor, Zhang Chengyu, explained that the Lucuo Catholic Church usually organizes a

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Cops pass the hat around to help elderly man get through winter after arrest for petty theft

Police at a station in Taoyuan City bought food for a man they arrested on suspicion of petty theft, then passed the hat around and sent him off with a little cash in his pocket, hoping that it could help him through the winter. Officers from Guishan District Police Precinct were on patrol last night when they noticed two men apparently having an argument on Wensan Third Street at around 9:00 pm. The police officers stopped to question the men,

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Santa Comes to Wulai Saturday

Saturday, December 23, will see Santa come to Wulai for the seventh annual Christmas in Wulai event organized by the Atayal organization. Santa will appear from noon until 5:30pm, giving presents and candy to children and the child at heart at the Wulai Atayal museum. Wulai District is a predominantly aboriginal community at the periphery of New Taipei City, known for its hot springs, beautiful scenery, and the traditional food and handicrafts of the Atayal people. is a Taiwan-based,

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