Family rescued after teen locks them in and sets apartment on fire

Firefighters in New Taipei City used a ladder truck to rescue a family of four from a balcony, after they were locked in a burning apartment by a sixteen year old unhappy about being restricted from playing online games and watching TV this morning, September 27. Firefighters in Sanxia District responded to reports of a fire in a 14-storey building on Xuecheng Road at around 3:00 am. Four people were found trapped on the balcony of their burning 6th floor

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Police officers help family after father of 5 sent to prison

Police officers who went to a man’s home after he failed to turn up to serve a prison sentence found a family struggling to survive, and decided to pitch in with blankets and food. When the District Prosecutor asked the man, Mr Wen, why he hadn’t turned up to serve his sentence, Wen replied that he had five children and a wife to look after. The family depended on a welfare subsidy of a little over NT$10,000 per month, and

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One dead, three injured after underage, unlicensed rider runs red light and T-bones police car

A 16-year-old boy riding a scooter died, and three people were injured, after the unlicensed rider ran a red light and hit a police car in the early hours of this morning in Sanxia District, New Taipei City. The teenage rider, named Chen lost vital signs at the scene of the accident, and was later declared dead at the hospital. A pillion passenger named Su suffered a broken arm, and the two police officers in the patrol car, officers Sun

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Man Accidentally Shoots himself in the Thigh

A young man was hospitalized with a bullet wound to his thigh, after a pistol he was carrying discharged as he was getting out of a cab in Sanxia District this morning, Monday, April 16. The nineteen year-old man named Su had traveled to Sanxia District in a taxi with a friend named Huang. Su had a modified Taurus pistol stuffed in the waistband of his pants. At around 8:00am, Su and Huang had just exited the vehicle at a

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People Pitch-in to Lift Bus off Accident Victim

Fifteen passers-by helped lift a bus to free a man who was stuck under it after the bus smashed into the back of the victim’s SUV in Sanxia, yesterday evening. At around 8:00pm, a couple had just parked their car and were taking their 4 year-old twins out of the back seat, when a bus driver ‘suffering a lapse in concentration’ drove his bus into the back of the vehicle. Thirty-four year-old Ms Wu was thrown onto the sidewalk, while

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