Motorcyclist dies after crashing, falling down 150-meter cliff on coastal highway

A man was found dead on a beach 150 meters below his smashed motorcycle on the Su’ao-Hualien Highway this morning, January 12. According to reports in Apple Daily, and United Daily News, the 19-year-old man, named Lin, was driving from Hsinchu to his family’s home in Hualien yesterday evening, but did not show up at the expected time. Lin’s last contact was at 8:00 pm, when he said he had reached Heping Village. Early this morning, road maintenance workers called

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Gravel trucks collide on Suhua Highway, one driver drunk

The driver of a gravel truck involved in a collision on the Suhua Highway today was drunk at the time of the accident, according to a police investigation. According to the investigation so far, the 32-year-old driver of a gravel truck, named Shen, skidded into the mountainside wall before veering out of control into the oncoming traffic lane, and crashing through the guardrail at the 114.9 kilometer mark. Another gravel truck traveling in the opposite direction driven by a 67-year-old

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5 dead, 40 injured in bus crash on Suhua Highway

Five people died and 40 were injured after a tour bus crashed on the Su’ao to Hualian Highway (Highway 9) near Su’ao, Yilan County this afternoon, March 16. Emergency services received reports of the bus crash at the 115 kilometer south mark at 4:29 pm. Firefighters and paramedics were dispatched from stations in Su’ao, Nan’ao, and Guanyin Townships. Civilian ambulances were also dispatched from from St Mary’s Hospital in Luodong, along with surgeons and nurses. According to United Daily News,

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Paraglider to be fined NT$300 after landing on Highway

Two paragliders survived unscathed after landing on the Suhua Highway in Hualien County today, and police said that the paragliding operator may be liable to a fine of NT$300 (US$9.74). At around noon today, the paraglider came down and missed the landing area situated just 30 meters from the road in Xincheng Township. Motorists on the 4 lane section of highway were fortunately stopped at a red light at the time. The landing was caught on at least one vehicle’s

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Woman Survives Typhoon Night After Slipping Down Seaside Slope

A woman in Hualien County spent the night precariously perched above the ocean after slipping 50 meters down a slope while Typhoon Maria swept over the island from yesterday to the early hours of this morning. Ms Lee, 56, a taxi driver from New Taipei City, was heading home from Hualien on the Suhua Highway sometime after 5:00pm when she stopped to take pictures from the roadside. While taking pictures, Ms Lee accidentally dropped her handbag, climbed over the guardrail

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8 Injured after Collision on Suhua Highway

[Picture: Police provided to media] Eight people suffered non-critical injuries this morning after a 9-seater van was involved in a head-on collision with a truck on the Suhua Highway. All eight injured were treated in hospital, 5 for fractures. Shortly before 9:30am, a Volkswagon van carrying 3 males and 5 females was traveling south-bound when it crossed the double yellow lines and crashed into a north-bound truck. Ilan County Fire Bureau dispatched emergency vehicles from Nanao, Suao, Masai, and Luodong

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