Paraglider to be fined NT$300 after landing on Highway

Two paragliders survived unscathed after landing on the Suhua Highway in Hualien County today, and police said that the paragliding operator may be liable to a fine of NT$300 (US$9.74).

At around noon today, the paraglider came down and missed the landing area situated just 30 meters from the road in Xincheng Township. Motorists on the 4 lane section of highway were fortunately stopped at a red light at the time.

The landing was caught on at least one vehicle’s dash cam (see video below). The footage shows the parachute making contact with an overhead streetlamp before collapsing.

Hualien County traffic police said that the landing constituted a violation of Article 78 of the Road Management and Penalty Act, making the offenders liable to a fine of NT$300.

Article 78 includes the prohibition of: “Running, chasing around, playing, sitting, lying, squatting, or standing on roadways with heavy traffic or at railroad crossings in a manner that impedes traffic.”

A local paragliding coach associated with the landing site told Apple Daily that the paragliders were not locals, and therefore were not familiar with local conditions. A sudden change in wind direction caused the operator to veer off course onto the highway, just 30 meters away from the designated landing site.

Sources: Apple Daily, United Daily News.

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