Motorcyclist dies after crashing, falling down 150-meter cliff on coastal highway

A man was found dead on a beach 150 meters below his smashed motorcycle on the Su’ao-Hualien Highway this morning, January 12. According to reports in Apple Daily, and United Daily News, the 19-year-old man, named Lin, was driving from Hsinchu to his family’s home in Hualien yesterday evening, but did not show up at the expected time. Lin’s last contact was at 8:00 pm, when he said he had reached Heping Village. Early this morning, road maintenance workers called

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Rider dead, motorcycle embedded in car after high-speed crash

A motorcyclist died after slamming into a car at high speed on a coastal highway in Pingtung County today, November 18. Traffic cam footage of the accident showed the driver of a Mercedes Benz sedan pulling out into traffic from a car park before a rider on a heavy motorcycle slammed into the vehicle without signs of braking on Provincial Highway 1 in Fangshan Township at 2:23 pm. The impact of the motorcycle hitting the car caused the car to

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Motorcyclist survives crash and fall into 15-meter-deep ravine after landing on dumped mattress

A 19-year-old man crashed into the guardrail of a bridge after losing control of his motorcycle on a mountain road in Chiayi County yesterday, and plunged 15 meters into a boulder-strewn stream bed below. Fortunately, the man landed on a discarded mattress, and survived the fall with only minor injuries, including a busted knee, and a mild concussion. At around 5:00pm, Mr Cheng (程 ), 19, was riding a heavy motorcycle on Provincial Highway 3 (Inner Mountain Highway), in Chiayi

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