1 Killed 1 Injured in Naked Maniac’s Road Rage Rampage

A scooter rider in Taoyuan City was killed instantly, and another slightly injured, after a driver smashed into three vehicles stopped at a red light, yesterday, May 15. The driver kept speeding down the road, hitting another 4 vehicles, then abandoned his disabled vehicle and ran around naked, attacking bystanders with a steel extendable baton. At around 2:40pm, a 25 year-old man driving a white sedan crashed into two scooters and a car on Changshou Road in Guishan District, killing

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Naked Maniac Slashes 3 People in Random Knife Attack

Four people, including the suspect, were treated in hospital after a naked man randomly attacked people in Luodong Township, Ilan County yesterday evening, May 2. Police received reports at around 8:15pm that a naked man was randomly attacking people in the streets with a knife. The 27 year-old suspect named Lin first went to a lottery store where he unsuccessfully attempted to slash a person with a chopping knife. Lin then ran into an Internet cafe and chased a 26

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Random Crazy Knife Attack in Sanxia

At the same time as the Zhongshan (Chongshan) Metro stabbing case was unfolding, a junior highschool student grabbed a ‘vegetable knife’ and attacked two random strangers on the street in Sanxia, New Taipei City. One boy and one girl were injured, and received stitches on their arms and hands. When interrogated, the teenage suspect claimed to have quarreled with his aunt so he left home with the intention of stabbing people so he could get arrested and get some peace

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Another Random Crazy Knife Attack

Four people were injured today when someone started stabbing people in┬áTaipei’s famously safe Metro system at Zhongshan Station. Taiwan in the last few years has seen an increase in acts of random violence against random citizens by deranged individuals. In this latest act, the station master with several members of the public┬ámanaged to subdue the individual until police arrived. Security on the MRT (Taipei Metro) was increased after a 21 year-old university student went on a rampage killing 4 and

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