Random Crazy Knife Attack in Sanxia

At the same time as the Zhongshan (Chongshan) Metro stabbing case was unfolding, a junior highschool student grabbed a ‘vegetable knife’ and attacked two random strangers on the street in Sanxia, New Taipei City. One boy and one girl were injured, and received stitches on their arms and hands. When interrogated, the teenage suspect claimed to have quarreled with his aunt so he left home with the intention of stabbing people so he could get arrested and get some peace and quiet in jail.

Source: Central News Agency

See updates below:

In an Apple Daily exclusive interview the boy’s paternal aunt explained his situation. His parents live abroad, but due to his poor Chinese grades in first grade, they sent him back to Taiwan. In the last couple of years they have been sending him to school during winter and summer vacations so he hasn’t been able to spend any time with his parents. Yesterday, the school principle called the aunt to inquire why he wasn’t at school. When she found her ‘vegetable knife’ missing, she worried he was going to harm himself. The parents are on their way back to Taiwan now.

Picture of a chopper used in a slashing incident in New Taipei City's Sanxia District
This is the weapon used by the kid who went on a rampage in Sanxia. Described in the local media as a ‘vegetable knife’.
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