Another Random Crazy Knife Attack

Four people were injured today when someone started stabbing people in Taipei’s famously safe Metro system at Zhongshan Station. Taiwan in the last few years has seen an increase in acts of random violence against random citizens by deranged individuals. In this latest act, the station master with several members of the public managed to subdue the individual until police arrived. Security on the MRT (Taipei Metro) was increased after a 21 year-old university student went on a rampage killing 4 and injuring 24 people in May 2014.

The 27 year old long-term unemployed man has been charged with three crimes:  attempted murder, theft, and harming the public.

Update 21 July, 2015: After his parents divorced when he was a child, he moved to Japan with his mother. After his mother died of cancer, he returned to Taiwan where he lived with his aunt. Last week, after using drugs he became delusional and quarreled with his aunt and left the house. He has been sleeping in a park since. Last night, he went to a supermarket and stole a fruit knife, then proceeded to Zhongshan (Chongshan) Metro station and began attacking people.

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