Two Taipei City police officers slashed by homeless man who refused to wear mask

One police officer was cut on his neck, and another on his hand, after a homeless man reported for not wearing a mask attacked them with a machete at Taipei Main Station today, May 22. Police from the Zhongxiao West Road police station went to the south gate of the station plaza after a member of the public reported that a man was loitering near the station entrance without wearing a surgical mask at around 5:00 pm. The two police

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21-year-old police officer critically injured after collision with unlicensed teen scooter rider

The family of a police officer who was critically injured in a high speed collision while responding to an emergency call has agreed to donate his organs and corneas, after doctors declared the patient to have suffered brain death. The 21-year-old police officer, Yang Ting-hao, and two other officers, were riding police scooters with sirens and lights on when a 17-year-old male, also on a scooter, slammed into Yang at high speed at the intersection of Da’an Road and Junying

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Man shot after injuring four police officers with a knife

Kaohsiung City police shot a man in the hand after he cut three police officers and stabbed another, during an attempt to get the man into compulsory treatment for mental illness today, June 8. Four police officers from the Nanzih police precinct accompanied by a psychiatrist from the Health Bureau went to a man’s residence at around 3:00 pm, after it was reported that the man had been suffering psychosis, not taking his medication, and had been frequently going out

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Two police officers, suspect under escort injured in freeway crash

Two police officers and a handcuffed suspect were sent to hospital after being pulled out of a police car that left the freeway and rolled over following a collision with another vehicle today, December 7. Officer Zhang (張), 34, suffered head lacerations and a broken jaw. A suspect named Zhu (朱), 21, had a suspected forearm fracture, and lacerations and bruises to both hands. Zhang and Zhu were taken to Tainan Sin-Lau Hospital for treatment. Officer Hong (洪), 31, was

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Two Police Officers Shot and Injured in Tainan

Two police officers suffered non-life threatening injuries after a gunman shot at them in a rural district of Tainan last night. One officer was saved by his bullet proof vest after being shot in the chest and upper back. Officers Wang and Yan from the Yujing Police station were on patrol on a mountain road in Nanhsi Township at around 10:20pm last night when they spotted a man pushing a bicycle in the remote area. The officers stopped and asked

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3 Police Officers Injured: Suspect Shot Dead in Tainan City

Police shot a suspect dead on a street in Tainan City this morning, after the wanted man attempted to escape in his car, dragging an officer who attempted to take his keys more than 15 meters. Police ambushed the man named Weng, as he finished breakfast at a restaurant on Hsimen Road at around 9:00am this morning. Weng, who was wanted on multiple charges including burglary and drugs offences, fled to his car and hit the ignition. A second man

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