Two Police Officers Shot and Injured in Tainan

Two police officers suffered non-life threatening injuries after a gunman shot at them in a rural district of Tainan last night. One officer was saved by his bullet proof vest after being shot in the chest and upper back.

Officers Wang and Yan from the Yujing Police station were on patrol on a mountain road in Nanhsi Township at around 10:20pm last night when they spotted a man pushing a bicycle in the remote area. The officers stopped and asked the man if he needed help.

The man said that his bicycle had a problem. After Wang alighted from the vehicle to look over the bicycle, the suspect suddenly rushed to the rear of the patrol car, turned around, and fired two shots at Wang, hitting him in the chest. Fortunately, Wang was wearing a bullet-proof vest.

bullet proof vest and phone shot
Wang was hit twice in the chest, with the bullets hitting his bullet proof vest and camera phone.

“I’ve been shot: it hurts,” Wang called. As Wang attempted to get back into the vehicle, the gunman fired another shot, hitting Wang in the upper back. Again, the bullet hit the bullet-proof vest.

The suspect then fired two more shots at the patrol car. One bullet penetrated a rear window and hit officer Yan in the back of his left arm.

Abandoning the bicycle and his personal belongings, the gunman then fled on foot into the mountains.

After police backup arrived at the scene, the officers were taken to hospital for treatment. Wang suffered bruises and subcutaneous bleeding. Yan received stitches to his arm.

Wang, the senior officer of Yujing police station, returned to work after being examined at the hospital in order to help the hunt for the gunman. Wang said that he was determined to arrest the suspect and bring him to justice.

Officer Wang, 54, said that he had been on the force for 34 years, and this is the first time that he had been shot, and he hopes that it is the last time.

A special task force has been set up to search the mountains. Police have appealed to the public for help in identifying the suspect, who is said to be 165-168cm tall, of medium build, and was wearing a white shirt, white hat, and mask. The man spoke with a Taiwanese (Hoklo) accent.

Wang in hospital bed
Officer Wang was examined at the hospital, then returned to work, determined to capture the gunman.
injury to officer's back after shot while wearing bullet-proof vest
Fortunately Wang was wearing a bullet-proof vest.
map of shooting location and search area
Mountain area where shooting occurred and search area.

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