Police officer’s thumb reattached after drunk driver bites it off

A police officer in Hualien City had to have his thumb reattached by surgeons after a drunk driver bit it off while resisting arrest. Police on a routine patrol in Meilun District, Monday night, November 8, stopped an elderly man after he was seen going through a red light and appearing unstable while riding an electric scooter. The 71-year-old man, named Liu, refused to cooperate with a roadside alcohol breath test, claiming that he was a retired civil servant, and

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Iranian Fighter Strikes Again: Bus Driver and Cops Injured

An Iranian man who was released without bail after fighting with police near the Presidential Palace yesterday morning, beat up a bus driver in Yonghe District before fighting with police who came to the driver’s assistance this morning. Wahid, 31, was released without bail last night and restricted to his residence in Yonghe District. At around 6:00am, Wahid appeared in the middle of a road in Yonghe District, impeding traffic. The driver of a shuttle bus got out to try

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Man Released on Bail After Vicious Attack on Police Officer

A New Taipei City Court released a man on a NT$300,000 bail today despite the fact he attempted to murder a police officer in a vicious attack with a meat-cleaver. Wu Zhizhan (吳志展), a 56 year-old teppanyaki cook in Banciao District, lost his temper yesterday, after receiving parking tickets to a value of NT$5400. He saw a police officer, surnamed Zhang, issuing tickets nearby, grabbed a meat cleaver from his truck, and attacked the officer. The 34 year-old officer carried

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