Zoo reassures the public after child’s shoes spotted in Tiger pen

A Hsinchu Zoo spokesperson reassured the public that no children had been eaten this weekend, after someone uploaded a picture of a pair of children’s shoes floating in a pond inside the tiger enclosure, December 11. A man named Peng uploaded the picture to a Hsinchu news group on Facebook yesterday, posing the question “Where’s the kid? I only see shoes next to the tiger.” A laughing emoticon showed the question was asked in jest. Hsinchu Zoo staff responded to

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Gravel truck driver dies in fire after crashing into chemical tanker

The driver of a gravel truck died after he was trapped in the burning cabin of his vehicle following a collision with a chemical tanker in Hsinchu City today, November 19. The driver of a chemical tanker carrying liquid ammonia was slowing to a stop for a red light on the West Coast Highway when a gravel truck driven by a 72-year-old man, named Chen, plowed into his vehicle from behind. The violent impact caused the tanker to tip over

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City government to disinfect parks, green spaces ahead of reopening

The Hsinchu City Government will disinfect 125 parks and 26 green spaces around the city starting tomorrow ahead of an expected public influx into areas restricted to the public since May 19. Hsinchu Mayor Lin Chih-chien said today that will expand the city’s major disinfection before the epidemic alert downgrade so that people can access facilities with peace of mind. The Hsinchu City Environmental Protection Bureau will lead the disinfection efforts by deploying teams to spray trees, lawns, pathways, fitness facilities and playground

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Another record cannabis grow-op busted: Decriminalization “impossible” says MOJ

Hsinchu City police announced they had uncovered the largest indoor cannabis cultivation operation in history, and the Minister of Justice said that decriminalization of marijuana in Taiwan is “absolutely not possible” at a press conference today, May 7. The record marijuana haul, grown in a factory building, included 1,540 live cannabis plants, 7 kilograms of finished product, and 880 marijuana cigarettes. Police estimate the value of the haul at close to NT$500 million. Minister of Justice Tsai Ching-hsiang (蔡清祥) attended

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Monkey apes human behavior after zoo visitor drops iPhone

Just a couple of weeks after a Formosan macaque was spotted apparently hard at work at his desk at Sun Yat-sen University, a Southeast Asian relative was recorded attempting to use an iPhone at Hsinchu Zoo, today, Sunday, February 21. Zoo visitors were amazed and delighted when a crab-eating macaque (Macaca fascicularis) picked up a gold-colored iPhone and began to swipe, tap, and stare at the device’s screen. The monkey’s behavior appeared to mimic that of humans, although, perhaps due

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Breakfast shop worker shot by stray bullet after shots fired in anger

A man working in a Hsinchu City breakfast shop was shot in the arm after a man fired shots from a passing car to express his anger at a “friend” who had pawned his car this morning, Sunday, December 13. The breakfast shop worker, who is not named in reports, was frying dough sticks at the front of the store at around 4:00 am, when he heard “sounds like firecrackers” from a car passing by. The man then felt tingling

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