City government to disinfect parks, green spaces ahead of reopening

The Hsinchu City Government will disinfect 125 parks and 26 green spaces around the city starting tomorrow ahead of an expected public influx into areas restricted to the public since May 19.

Hsinchu Mayor Lin Chih-chien said today that will expand the city’s major disinfection before the epidemic alert downgrade so that people can access facilities with peace of mind.

The Hsinchu City Environmental Protection Bureau will lead the disinfection efforts by deploying teams to spray trees, lawns, pathways, fitness facilities and playground equipment with disinfectant.

Seating areas such as pavilions, exercise areas and equipment, and children’s playgrounds have been sealed off with yellow restricted access tape since the epidemic alert was imposed nationwide May 19.

playground equipment sprayed for COVID-19
A solution of bleach diluted to 1,000 ppm will ensure the public is safe from a lurking virus that experts around the globe have described as “clever” and “sneaky”. Picture: Hsinchu City Government.

But if the wily COVID-19 virus has managed to lurk in the park, and survive under two months of blazing summer sun and torrential rain, including days of rain generated by Typhoon In-Fa that continues to inundate the city today, the deadly invisible enemy is unlikely to survive the coming onslaught from the EPA.

Teams equipped with two-stroke-engine-powered backpack spray units will blanket spray disinfectant throughout parks and green spaces, especially targeting facilities that people may come into contact with starting tomorrow.

The disinfection will be carried out in accordance with the “Guidelines for the Public Environment Disinfection of COVID-19 (Wuhan Pneumonia) Community Epidemic Prevention” set by the Central Epidemic Command Center. The disinfection method recommended for parks is bleach diluted to a concentration of 0.1% (1000ppm) for spray disinfection, the EPA said.

“The focus of disinfection includes trails, environment, physical fitness facilities, children’s play facilities and public toilets, as well as surfaces that people will often touch, such as the floor, tables and chairs, telephone handsets, etc., as well as toilet faucets, toilet door handles, toilet lids and flushing grips,” the EPA said.

disinfecting swing in playground
A team of disinfectors from the Hsinchu City Environmental Protection Bureau converges on a child’s swing, spraying from different angles to ensure complete coverage. Picture: Hsinchu City Government.
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One thought on “City government to disinfect parks, green spaces ahead of reopening

  • July 24, 2021 at 5:08 pm

    I bet no “public health officials” involved in this “DDT snow job” bothered to consult any epidemiologists, virologists, or ANYbody at all outside their self-inflating “circle of fear.”


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