Military reservists on 14-day refresher training course amid rising threats

Members of Taiwan’s reserve military force embarked on a 10 kilometer march in Hsinchu City today as part of a 14-day refresher training course designed to keep them up to date and physical ready should they be needed for disaster relief or defense of the country.

Hsinchu City Mayor Kao Hung-an paid tribute to the soldiers today, expressing gratitude for their service and providing refreshments for the troops. Mayor Kao said that in order to maintain peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, the reservists had taken time off from their usual employment to devote themselves to training.

The mayor pointed out that the national army and army reserve are an indispensable and important force who assist in disaster prevention and relief, often undertaking unsafe and dangerous tasks during natural disasters.

Hsinchu Reserve Colonel Chen Bo-wei said that today is the 12th day of the 14-day course, and it is also the most intensive stage, with a 10 kilometer march and actual combat drills.

Hsinchu City Director of the Department of Civil Affairs, Yen Yi-chi said that reserve soldiers had responded to the call-up order, and put aside their personal work in order to protect their homes and the country. It is the second time they have undertaken the training to re-familiarize themselves with the operation of weapons and equipment, and to maintain physical fitness with the goal of assisting the stability of the country, and maintaining the power of national defense mobilization.

Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense launched the reservist training program in February 2022 amid growing military threats from the People’s Republic of China.

Feature Picture: Hsinchu City Government.

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