Support Pours in for Young Man who Crashed into Ferraris while Helping Widowed Mother

Cash donations, free legal services and advice, use of company cars, and help with tuition fees are among the offers of support that are flooding in for a young man who crashed into a group of Ferrari sports cars on Sunday morning, while working to support his widowed mother, and family.

The 20-year-old man named Lin had finished work late Saturday night at a barbecue restaurant, and had set off at around 5:00am to make deliveries for his mother’s Joss paper shop, as his mother was feeling unwell.

During his delivery run, Lin crashed into a group of four Ferrari sports cars, damaging three. Lin was liable for damage claims that could amount to more than NT10 million, according to media reports on Monday.

People began calling the police station offering help on Sunday, and the offers of support continued Monday and Tuesday. The New Taipei City Government Social Affairs Department opened a special account: 027038002803 (Taiwan Bank, Banqiao Branch) for members of the public who want to help Lin.

People have also been going to Ms Lin’s Joss paper shop to donate money. Some just put the money on the counter, then leave without leaving their name. “I just want to give a little help,” someone said. So far, those contributions have added up to NT$220,000, according to a report in United Daily News.

Other people have gone to the shop and made large purchases to support the family business.

Lin’s father died five years ago, and his mother opened the store as she became the main breadwinner for the family. Lin did part-time work, and eventually quit school in the second year of college where he was studying interior design at Tungnan University in order to help support his mother and two siblings.

Today, the head of the interior design department, and one of the teachers from Tungnan University showed up at the Lin family store. The tutor hugged Lin and urged him to be strong. The two handed over NT$80,000 raised among three colleagues and promised they would launch a donation drive at the university to provide more help.

The academics urged Lin to return to his studies, saying that he needn’t worry about tuition fees, as the school would provide assistance. They could also help him with internships in the construction industry, they said.

As well as damaging the three sports cars, the Lin’s vehicle, which served as the delivery vehicle for their store was also badly damaged. As repair costs were deemed too high, the family decided to scrap the vehicle.

The director of a trading company, Mr Cao turned up at the family’s store this afternoon and said that his company’s lawyers would accompany Lin to court, and that his company would supply a vehicle to the family so they could continue their deliveries.

So far, 56 people have contacted police with offers of help.

A tutor from Tungnan University offers support to Mr Lin, and encourages him to return to his studies
A tutor from Tungnan University offers support to Mr Lin, and encourages him to return to his studies. Picture: United Daily News.

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4 thoughts on “Support Pours in for Young Man who Crashed into Ferraris while Helping Widowed Mother

    • December 19, 2018 at 8:34 pm

      Go to any branch of Taiwan Bank or the post office. The bank account and branch is mentioned in the article.

  • December 19, 2018 at 9:38 pm

    Doesn’t this make us wonder if exceptionally expensive cars should be allowed on public road!

  • December 22, 2018 at 11:29 pm

    And who should pay for it.

    If someone can afford that sort of car, let them pay the repair bill.


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