Chinese kid plays parkour: jumps between buildings 27 floors up

Two boys were playing on the roof of a 27 storey building in Hubei Province, China, last week, and one was seen jumping between two buildings several times. According to media outlets in China and Hong Kong, the boys were seen imitating parkour moves on the buildings in Xianning City on October 26, and video footage of the incident has since gone viral on Chinese social media sites. The nearby resident who shot the video, informed the property manager of

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Judo boy dies after 70 days in a coma

A seven-year-old boy who was repeatedly thrown by his judo coach and an older classmate until he was unconscious, has died after spending 70 days in a coma in a hospital in Taichung City. Doctors at Fengyuan Hospital removed life support systems in the presence of the boy’s parents yesterday evening, and the boy, named Huang, was declared dead at around 9:00 pm, June 29. See previous story: 7-year-old brain-dead after being thrown more than 20 times in judo class

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Little girl safe after climbing out of 7th-floor window while grandma not paying attention

A 7-year-old girl was seen climbing out the window of a 7th-floor apartment and walking along a narrow ledge of a residential building in Guishan District, Taoyuan City, Friday. The Taoyuan City Fire Department received reports about a little girl of a ledge of the building at 11:53 am, May 21, according to a Liberty Times report. The fire department dispatched 10 personnel to the scene, but fortunately, by the time firefighters arrived, the girl had already been taken back

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Death of toddler exposes danger of folding tables, importance of parental supervision

The danger posed by a common item of furniture found in almost every Taiwanese household has been put into the spotlight after a 3-year-old boy died clamped in the legs of a folding table in his home in Taichung City, yesterday, May 3. The parents of the toddler, named Chen, were putting their one-year-old to sleep while the 3-year-old boy was playing alone upstairs, according to reports, including Liberty Times. After around 20 minutes, the 57-year-old father went upstairs to

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Child survives fall from roof of 14-storey building

An eight-year-old girl fell from the roof of a 14-storey building, then managed to get back to her home on the sixth floor to ask for help in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, yesterday, May 13. According to reports, after getting home from school, the girl and her sister went to the roof of the building to play. The older sister went back to the apartment and left the eight-year-old alone on the roof. The younger girl was riding her

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Motorcyclist takes kid on hair-raising ride on expressway

Police are investigating an incident after motorists recorded a man riding a motorcycle on an expressway at speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour with a small, helmet-less child clinging for his life. The video was recorded yesterday, May 12, on Provincial Highway 68, in Hsinchu County, and drew the ire of viewers after it was uploaded to social media. The unidentified man, wearing a full-face helmet, is seen riding a heavy motorcycle with a male child around 4

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