Child survives fall from roof of 14-storey building

An eight-year-old girl fell from the roof of a 14-storey building, then managed to get back to her home on the sixth floor to ask for help in Banqiao District, New Taipei City, yesterday, May 13.

According to reports, after getting home from school, the girl and her sister went to the roof of the building to play. The older sister went back to the apartment and left the eight-year-old alone on the roof.

The younger girl was riding her bicycle when a gust of wind blew the door to the stairwell closed.

Unable to open the door, the girl attempted to get back into the building by climbing. Some reports say that the girl was attempting to climb back down to her home on the 6th floor when she fell.

Investigators found evidence of an impact on a second floor awning, and security monitor footage showed the girl landing in a flowerbed beside the building. The girl lay still for some minutes, possibly unconscious before standing up and walking back into the building via the front entrance.

The girl then took the elevator back to her home on the 6th floor and told her sister that she had fallen and that her chest hurts.

Ambulance officers found some bruising and bleeding on her head, but no other obvious external trauma. However, after being examined in the hospital, the girl was found to have a ruptured liver and other internal injuries.

After surgery, the girl remains in intensive care under observation.

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