Worker Clearing Giant Hornets Falls to his Death

A man fell 40 meters to his death while attempting to remove a hive of Asian giant hornets in Taroko National Park today.

The sixty year-old man named Yeh was working in a four-person team outsourced to deal with the hornets, which are also called tiger head hornets. National Parks authorities had deemed the hornets a threat to visitors in the park. The hive was described as being the size of two basketballs and located on a tree next to a suspension bridge on the Swallow Grotto Trail.

The men arrived at the bridge at 1:00pm to start work. Shortly after 4:00pm, Yeh fell into the gorge and landed on the rocky riverbed below. Yeh did not respond to his co-workers calls, and when firefighters reached him had no heartbeat or other vital signs.

Authorities are currently investigating the accident.

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