Snow falls in high altitude areas of Central Mountain Range

Pictures courtesy of Songsyue Lodge. Affected by a continental cold air mass, snow fell in high mountain areas of northern, central, and southern Taiwan this morning, including Mount Hehuan, Wuling Farm and Jiaming Lake. At Songsyue Lodge in Taroko National Park, more than five centimeters of snow was recorded. The first snow this winter was recorded at Mount Hehuan at around 8:00 am yesterday when it snowed for just two minutes. As the temperature dropped during the night, snow began

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One injured after rockfall hits two motorcyclists on Central Cross-Island Highway

Two motorcyclists were hit by falling rocks, leaving one injured, on the Central Cross-Island Highway in Taroko National Park this morning, Saturday, October 16. A 46-year-old man, named Liu, and his 44-year-old friend, named Huang, were traveling from Kaohsiung to Hualien City on heavy motorcycles when they were hit by falling rocks, some as large as one meter in diameter, at Cimu Bridge in Taroko Gorge at around 10:30 am. Liu was hit by one of the larger rocks, causing

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British cyclist found without signs of life after falling from mountain road

A UK national was found without signs of life after crashing his bicycle and falling from the Central Cross Island Highway today, April 4. The Hualien County Fire Department received a report at 9:00 am that a man had fallen from the road edge at the 160.9KM mark of the Hualien section of the highway. The fire department dispatched rescue vehicles to the rescue. Rescue personnel reached the patient by ascending from the road at around the 164 kilometer mark

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Worker Clearing Giant Hornets Falls to his Death

A man fell 40 meters to his death while attempting to remove a hive of Asian giant hornets in Taroko National Park today. The sixty year-old man named Yeh was working in a four-person team outsourced to deal with the hornets, which are also called tiger head hornets. National Parks authorities had deemed the hornets a threat to visitors in the park. The hive was described as being the size of two basketballs and located on a tree next to

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