Truck in Horror Crash Overloaded: Driver Unlicensed

A police investigation into a crash on Freeway 3 in Taichung yesterday, that saw a family of three killed, revealed that the truck was overloaded, and the truck driver was not licensed to drive a heavy vehicle.

Shortly after 3:00pm yesterday, October 24, a semi-trailer carrying steel beams went out of control in the south-bound lanes, jumped the central traffic divider, and slammed into an Audi sedan traveling north-bound.

The 41 year-old driver of the sedan, his 35 year-old wife, and 7 month old baby daughter were all killed in the accident.

Today police revealed that investigations had found that the truck was overloaded by around 9 tonnes. The truck was registered for a maximum load of 35 tonnes, but was loaded with 21 H-beams that weighed 43.95 tonnes. Furthermore, the 26 year-old driver, Dong Jun-hong (東俊宏) did not have a license to drive a heavy vehicle, and only holds an ordinary car driver’s license.

According to a Liberty Times Network report, for unlicensed driving, both the driver and owner of the truck will be liable for fines ranging from NT$40,000 to NT$80,000. For overloading the vehicle, the fine is NT$10,000.

The driver is also being investigated for negligent homicide. After appearing at a hearing at the Changhua District Prosecutor’s Office, Dong was released on NT$150,000 bail.

The truck was said to have gone out of control due to a front left tire blowing out. It is suspected that the truck was fitted with retreads, which is illegal.

investigators examine a tire on a truck involved in a fatal accident
Investigators examine a tire that blew out on a truck that lost control and caused a fatal accident on a freeway yesterday. Picture: Liberty Times Network.

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mother and baby
Mother and daughter tragically killed in a traffic accident October 24.
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