Tesla on autopilot crashes into overturned truck

A Tesla crashed into an overturned truck on National Highway 1 this morning, and the driver said the car was on autopilot at the time, according to reports in United Daily News, and Liberty Times today, June 1. The Chiayi County Fire Bureau received reports at 6:40 am of a traffic accident involving a truck and a sedan in the southbound lanes at the 268.4 kilometer mark. Upon arriving at the scene, firefighters found both drivers unhurt, and both refused

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Tesla catches fire after crash: driver dies

A Tesla Model 3 caught fire after hitting a traffic island and overturning in Taoyuan City in the early hours of the morning, April 1, killing the driver. Firefighters found the car ablaze when they arrived at the scene of the single-vehicle crash on Zhongzheng Road, Longtan District at around 12:30 am Wednesday morning. Details of the incident were widely reported today after one of the firefighters wrote a detailed Facebook post about the procedure of dealing with an AEV

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Driver falls to his death from elevated road after crashing Tesla

A man driving a Tesla fell to his death from an elevated section of Freeway one in Xizhi District, New Taipei City, after crashing into the center divider between the freeway and an off-ramp this afternoon, November 24. Two passengers in the car survived the crash, and were conscious but injured when firefighters pulled them out of the mangled wreck. The two survivors were sent to Neihu Tri-Services General Hospital for emergency treatment. The driver, a 23-year-old man named Hua

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Tesla on Autopilot Plows into Patrol Car while Driver Dozes

Highway Patrol officers narrowly escaped death or injury when a car plowed into their parked patrol car despite 100 meters of traffic cones and flashing warning lights placed behind it. At around 10:00pm last night, highway police attended the scene of an accident on Freeway 3 in Hsinchu County, and were directing traffic around the site when the driver of a white Tesla slammed into one of two patrol cars. The patrol car was pushed forward by the impact and

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Tesla Supercharger Stations in Taiwan Early 2017

A map on Tesla Motor’s website shows five supercharger stations located in Taiwan, and the company has revealed that the first one will come on-line at Taipei Expo Park in the first quarter of 2017. Tesla updated its global supercharger station network map earlier this month. The new map reflects a significant expansion of the network in North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific. Tesla Taiwan opened its Taiwan flagship store in September 2016. Superchargers are a network of 480-volt

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