Tesla catches fire after crash: driver dies

A Tesla Model 3 caught fire after hitting a traffic island and overturning in Taoyuan City in the early hours of the morning, April 1, killing the driver.

Firefighters found the car ablaze when they arrived at the scene of the single-vehicle crash on Zhongzheng Road, Longtan District at around 12:30 am Wednesday morning.

Details of the incident were widely reported today after one of the firefighters wrote a detailed Facebook post about the procedure of dealing with an AEV fire.

When the firefighter identified the vehicle as a Tesla, he called a second firefighting unit for support, as electrical vehicle fires require specialist procedures.

Fires in electric vehicles can’t be extinguished with foam or other chemicals.

Because EVs are silent, firefighters may not realize that the vehicle is on. If they try to help the occupants, they are at risk of electric shock.

After stabilizing the main fire, the lithium ion batteries continued to burn. While continuing to douse the heat source, firefighters from the second unit went in to disable the power supply via the front hood.

diagram of front trunk first responder cut loop in Tesla
Diagram from Tesla manual for emergency responders showing cut loop location.

After the power off and stabilization procedure, firefighters cut the 32-year-old driver, named Tang, out of the wrecked vehicle, but Tang was obviously dead, and his body had been badly burned by the fire.

Tesla after crash and fire

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4 thoughts on “Tesla catches fire after crash: driver dies

  • April 4, 2020 at 9:58 am

    Wow this Tesla wreck is horrid, but thanks for posting it with the excellent info regarding a fire in this vehicle and the difficulty for the fire fighters. Glad to know, I won’t get that car, or any similar. Think I
    will keep my classic ZX300 Nisson.

  • April 4, 2020 at 9:17 pm

    The ZX300 is little better than a tin can in a crash. If safety is your priority, buy something else….anything else that’s modern. As for EV, the driver crushed the passenger side and caved it in, exactly where the fuel tank would be in an ICE. Fuel fires and deaths are far more common than battery.


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