One injured after rockfall hits two motorcyclists on Central Cross-Island Highway

Two motorcyclists were hit by falling rocks, leaving one injured, on the Central Cross-Island Highway in Taroko National Park this morning, Saturday, October 16. A 46-year-old man, named Liu, and his 44-year-old friend, named Huang, were traveling from Kaohsiung to Hualien City on heavy motorcycles when they were hit by falling rocks, some as large as one meter in diameter, at Cimu Bridge in Taroko Gorge at around 10:30 am. Liu was hit by one of the larger rocks, causing

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Three Injured After Boulder Falls on Car

Three people were injured, none seriously, after a large rock hit the roof of a car on the Central Cross Island Highway this afternoon, June 17. One of the injured was a baby girl. Shortly before 1:00pm, a rock estimated to weigh hundreds of kilograms fell from a slope above the highway on the Deji Reservoir section, and hit an SUV with 5 occupants. The 39 year-old driver was unscathed but his 34 year-old wife was trapped in the vehicle

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