Runaway crane on Cross-Island Highway kills two

Two women died after a crane employed on a slope repair project on the Central Cross-Island Highway in Hualien County rolled into vehicles at around noon today, September 10. Police from Xincheng sub-bureau say that vehicles were stopped at the roadworks section at the 117 kilometer mark of Provincial Highway 8 when the crane hit the cars before crashing through a guardrail and rolling off the road. According to reports this afternoon, the driver was not in the crane at

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British cyclist found without signs of life after falling from mountain road

A UK national was found without signs of life after crashing his bicycle and falling from the Central Cross Island Highway today, April 4. The Hualien County Fire Department received a report at 9:00 am that a man had fallen from the road edge at the 160.9KM mark of the Hualien section of the highway. The fire department dispatched rescue vehicles to the rescue. Rescue personnel reached the patient by ascending from the road at around the 164 kilometer mark

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Three Injured by Falling Rocks on Cross-Island Highway

[Cover picture: United Daily News] A Japanese cyclist and a two women on a scooter were injured when rocks tumbled onto the Central Cross Island Highway in the vicinity of The Tunnel of Nine Turns in Hualian County today. Hiroyuki Shirai, 35, from Shizuoka Prefecture, was taken to hospital unconscious and suffering head injuries after being hit by the falling rocks. A 24 year-old woman and her mother, both from Taipei, were also sent to hospital with injuries described as

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Continuous Rain Causes Rockfalls and Traffic Hazards

Three days of continuous rain has resulted in rockfalls, road-blockages, and a spate of traffic accidents in Taiwan, Wednesday, November 23. On Provincial Highway 9(the Su-hua Highway), a 55 year-old woman was seriously injured in a traffic accident at around 10:00am. The woman was riding as a passenger on a scooter when it collided with a semi-trailer at the 116km mark. A series of rockfalls saw the road temporary blocked in several locations, as road crews rushed to clear debris.

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