6 people on one scooter spotted in Taipei City

A family of six was seen riding a scooter across Bailing Bridge in Taipei City, December 7, and some YouTube viewers suggested that the government should give them a free SUV. Dashcam footage uploaded to a popular YouTube channel showed two adults and four children crammed onto the motorcycle as it headed into Shilin District. Assumed to be a man and wife, two children stood on the floorboard, while a toddler sat between the adults, and the mother held a

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Scooter rider drives on wrong side of freeway facing oncoming traffic in the fast lane for 60 kilometers

A man rode at speeds of 100 kilometers an hour on National Freeway 3, in the fast lane on the wrong side of the road, for a distance of about 60 kilometers, evading several Highway Police intercept points before finally coming to a stop near Taichung City, yesterday, February 13. The 43-year-old man named Huang entered the freeway from the Zhushan Interchange in Nantou County shortly before 6:00pm, driving against oncoming traffic at high speed, and heading north in the

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