Scooter rider runs for his life as gravel truck almost runs over him

A man riding a motor scooter in Taoyuan City abandoned his vehicle and ran for his life after he found himself in the blind spot of an articulated dump truck making a U-turn, yesterday, May 30.

In surveillance camera footage that quickly went viral on Taiwanese social media sites, the middle-aged man is seen pulling out of a gas station on Yongchang Road in Daxi District, intending to go left. The scooter rider stops and gives way when a tractor-trailer dump truck pulls out of the gas station in front of him appearing to execute a right turn. However, the scooter rider finds himself in a predicament when the truck driver continues to turn his vehicle back into the gas station.

The scooter rider at fist tries to maneuver his bike backwards out of the path of the turning truck, but quickly realizes that the truck is about to run him over. In the end the man abandons the motor scooter and runs to safety.

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One thought on “Scooter rider runs for his life as gravel truck almost runs over him

  • May 31, 2023 at 3:58 pm

    Incredible presence of mind! (On the part of the scooter man.)


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