Perfect weekend weather turns to “dirty rain” in northern Taiwan

A clear, warm, sunny Saturday saw the weekend in northern Taiwan start with perfect weather, but Sunday turned to rain that meteorologists warned could be contaminated with pollutants. Taiwan’s private weather company WeatherRisk said that a strengthening of northeastern monsoonal winds caused an obvious drop in temperature and increase in moisture in northern and northeastern areas this morning. The rain will increase in the afternoon, and in addition, airstreams will bring pollution from northern areas of China. The northeastern monsoon

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Much-needed rain soaks parts of Taiwan, but brings minor flooding and rockfalls

The Central Weather Bureau issued heavy rain and extremely heavy rain warnings for parts of Taiwan extending from the north to mountain districts in the south, and much of the east coast this afternoon, as the influence of a front saw the development of strong convective cloud systems in some coastal and mountain areas. Heavy rain alerts were issued for a total of 16 counties and cities, with extremely heavy rain alerts issued for Keelung City, Taipei City, New Taipei

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Under the Weather: El Niño vs. Northeast Monsoon

The northeast monsoon has brought heavy rain to Taiwan, causing flight and shipping delays, landslides, and slippery road conditions. Flights from Taipei Taoyuan Airport this morning were delayed an average 40 minutes due to foggy conditions. Similar conditions are being experienced in Hong Kong, Southern China, and Macau. Around this time every year, cold fronts forming over Siberia reach Taiwan and interact with the moist Pacific air-mass, and the rain falls by the bucket-load. This year, due to the El

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