Weather Bureau warns of hazard conditions for most of Taiwan as heavy rains continue

Heavy rain continued to fall all over Taiwan today, causing localized flooding, landslides, rockfalls, tree falls and other hazards, and the Central Weather Bureau says that rainy conditions may persist until Wednesday. Heavy rain and extremely heavy rain warnings were issued by the CWB covering all cities and counties excluding the outlying islands of Kinmen and Matsu. While most of northern Taiwan lays under a heavy rain advisory, most of the center and south is covered by an extremely heavy

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Taiwan prepares for possible deluge as plum rains expected to fall for at least a week

The Ministry of Defense dispatched amphibious vehicles and inflatable boats to flood prone areas around the country today as meteorologists warned of possible disaster level rains this week. A heavy rain advisory warning was issued by the Central Weather Bureau (CWB) at 9:00 pm Monday forecasting heavy rain starting from Monday night to Tuesday in Keelung City, New Taipei City, Kaohsiung City, and Pingtung County. The confluence of a stationary front and southwest monsoonal winds forms a typical East Asian

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