Toddler survives fall from 32nd-floor apartment

A three-year-old girl fell from the 32nd floor of a high-rise residential building in Taichung City, Wednesday, December 8, and survived after landing in a safety net on the second floor. According to reports in United Daily News, the toddler fell from her family’s residence on Zhongxing Road in South District shortly after 1:00 pm. The Taichung City Fire Department received a report of the incident at 1:19 pm and dispatched one fire truck, one ambulance, and 6 personnel to

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Toddler survives fall from 4th floor apartment

A two-year-old boy survived a fall from a window on the 4th floor, after crashing through an awning on the first floor of a residential building in Puli Township, Nantou County, yesterday, December 5. According to reports, the boy’s mother was hanging up the washing on the balcony when he opened a window by himself and fell. The toddler’s older brother said that he had wanted to see the garbage truck (in Taiwan garbage trucks play loud music and have

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Woman thrown out of car in high-speed rollover crash walks away with slight injuries

A couple involved in a rollover accident in New Taipei City declined further treatment after receiving first aid at the scene of the crash October 1, despite the female passenger being thrown out of the passenger side window at high speed. The 30-year-old unlicensed driver, named Guo was driving his 25-year-old wife, named Lai, to work at around 7:00 am when he lost control of his vehicle on Jingwenshan Road in Shenkeng District. Video footage of the accident shows Guo’s

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Motorcyclist survives crash and fall into 15-meter-deep ravine after landing on dumped mattress

A 19-year-old man crashed into the guardrail of a bridge after losing control of his motorcycle on a mountain road in Chiayi County yesterday, and plunged 15 meters into a boulder-strewn stream bed below. Fortunately, the man landed on a discarded mattress, and survived the fall with only minor injuries, including a busted knee, and a mild concussion. At around 5:00pm, Mr Cheng (程 ), 19, was riding a heavy motorcycle on Provincial Highway 3 (Inner Mountain Highway), in Chiayi

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Man Survives 8 Story Fall

A man miraculously survived after jumping off a freeway bridge the equivalent of an 8 story building. The man landed on muddy ground and was conscious when rescuers arrived. When reporters and police asked him why he jumped off the bridge, the man kept mumbling “I saw the buddha….. I harmed the buddha”. The man suffered bone fractures, scratches and bruising.     Sources: SETN

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Man Thrown from Truck: Stands up and Walks Away.

Tainan: A man miraculously survived a high speed crash on a freeway today. The truck involved  tipped over, losing it’s load along with the passenger, before righting itself and landing back on its wheels. A video of the incident shows the truck’s load of trees and dirt strewn over the road when suddenly a man stands up from the debris, and walks to the side of the road to recover. The small truck was behind a tanker-trailer, when he decided

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