Man Decapitates himself in Gruesome Suicide by Car

A man in Miaoli County tied one end of a steel cable around a utility pole, and the other end around his neck, before getting into his car and stepping on the gas this afternoon, January 16. Shortly after 3:00 pm police in Zhunan Township received a call from a horrified member of the public who reported stumbling across a human head on the sidewalk on Kezhuan Road. Upon investigation, police located the head, and found the headless body of

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Drunk Driver Flees After Rollover Accident

A drunk driver fled the scene on foot after rolling his car over on a road in Miaoli County this afternoon. Police found the suspect hiding in a gas station around 300 meters away, and measured a blood alcohol level of 1.02mg/l (0.2%). Mr Lee, 53, lost control of his car and hit the center traffic divider before his car flipped onto its roof at around 1:00 pm on Guishan Bridge in Miaoli City. When firefighters and police arrived, the

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Bandits Arrested After Armed Hold-ups on Motorists

[Picture: Dahu Police Bureau.] Two men were arrested after performing a series of robberies on motorists in a mountain district of Miaoli County yesterday. The men threatened the victims with a BB pistol, and ordered them to hand over cash. Police said the two suspects, Fang, 25, and Lee, 21, were addicted to online video games, and had car loans to pay off. Yesterday Lee went to his family to ask for money, but was unsuccessful. Out of desperation, Lee

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Shotgun and Pistol Found in Possession of Wanted Man

A Police SWAT team swooped on a property in Miaoli County yesterday and arrested Snake Alley gangster Jiang Liren(姜禮仁). Jiang had been on the run for over one year after failing to show up to serve an 11 year prison sentence. Jiang had been convicted of offenses that included attempted murder, intimidation with violence, and possession of unlawful weapons. Jiang was asleep when the SWAT team raided and did not attempt to resist arrest. A pistol and a pump-action, pistol-grip

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Pollution Traced to Petrochemical Plant

Pollution that resulted in a Miaoli County stream turning a milky-white color was traced to a Petrochemical plant in an industrial area today. The EPA have opened legal proceedings against the company responsible. Miaoli County Government Environmental Protection Bureau officers traced the source of the pollution after complaints by local residents who said that the stream changed color on a daily basis. Sometimes the water turns red, sometimes blue, and the last few days, milky white. EPB officers inspected plants

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Gang Boss Hits Back at Bad Service

A gang boss allegedly ordered his young goons to smash up a massage spa after the master masseur requested the gangster’s daughter and mother to wait until he finished servicing another client. On the afternoon of July 8, Ms Yeh took her grandmother to a massage spa in Toufen township in Miaoli County for a massage at the recommendation of her father, a 56 year-old gang leader with criminal records for deadly injury, gambling, deprivation of liberty, kidnapping for ransom,

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