Bandits Arrested After Armed Hold-ups on Motorists

[Picture: Dahu Police Bureau.]

Two men were arrested after performing a series of robberies on motorists in a mountain district of Miaoli County yesterday. The men threatened the victims with a BB pistol, and ordered them to hand over cash.

Police said the two suspects, Fang, 25, and Lee, 21, were addicted to online video games, and had car loans to pay off. Yesterday Lee went to his family to ask for money, but was unsuccessful. Out of desperation, Lee and Fang turned to highway robbery.

At around 5:40pm, the men stole a license plate from a vehicle in Pinglin village and hung the plates on Lee’s SUV. At 5:48pm, the men stopped 66 year-old Mr Lin, who was riding a scooter. Fang got out of the car and demanded money. Lin handed over NT$1,200.

A short time later, the bandits stopped 80 year-old Mr Gao, but the old man didn’t have any money.

A little after 6:00pm, Lee and Fang stopped a 40 year-old strawberry farmer driving a small truck. Fang fired the BB pistol at the windscreen of the truck, then took NT$300 and a bank card from the driver.

Less than an hour later, the two highway robbers were arrested by police officers from Dahu Police Station. Police confiscated a BB pistol, 0.38 grams of amphetamine, 1.06 grams of Methcathinone, and NT$1,500. Police noted that other than the NT$1,500 booty, the men were penniless.

robbers arrested by police
Two men are arrested December 18 after a series of armed robberies on random motorists on a remote country road in Miaoli County. Picture: Dahu Police Bureau.
Fang and Lee are paraded by police
Fang and Lee were charged with a range of offences after a series of roadside robberies. Picture: China Times.
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