Gang Boss Hits Back at Bad Service

A gang boss allegedly ordered his young goons to smash up a massage spa after the master masseur requested the gangster’s daughter and mother to wait until he finished servicing another client.

On the afternoon of July 8, Ms Yeh took her grandmother to a massage spa in Toufen township in Miaoli County for a massage at the recommendation of her father, a 56 year-old gang leader with criminal records for deadly injury, gambling, deprivation of liberty, kidnapping for ransom, and organized crime.

The masseur was serving another client at the time of their arrival and asked them to wait for 10 minutes.

The dissatisfied Ms Yeh called her father to complain that she and her grandmother had to wait. Mr Yeh called the masseur, but the masseur responded that according to company policy he couldn’t interrupt the current client’s session to take a call, and requested Mr Yeh leave a message and he would call Mr Yeh back later.

Mr Yeh responded with the Taiwanese “three character classic:” “Go F*** your mother!”

Twenty minutes later, a car pulled up in front of the shop and four young men in black t-shirts wielding baseball bats alighted and smashed up the glass doors and store front of the massage shop then ran off.

Three men were arrested in relation to the crime and police investigations are continuing according to Liberty Times Network.

Not to be deterred, Ms Yeh took her grandmother to another masseur and posted pictures on Facebook. Relatives and friends praised her for her filial piety.

old woman being subjected to massage
Ms Yeh took her grandmother to another masseur after being asked to wait 10 minutes for a masseur recommended by her father.
broken windows and doors smashed by baseball bats
A smashed store front in Miaoli County after goons smashed it up.

Sources: Liberty Times Network, Apple Daily.

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