Man bitten by Thai cobra in central Taiwan: several times more venomous than native species

Doctors who have been treating a man bitten by a snake in a mountain district of Taichung City earlier this month have concluded that the man was bitten by a Thai cobra, raising concerns of a dangerous invasive species gaining a foothold in the country. The 64-year-old man, named Zhou was hiking on the Dakeng No.9 trail shortly before dawn on November 2 when he was bitten on the ankle by a cobra. Zhou turned back to seek medical attention,

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Fishing Contest to Target Exotic Species

A group of 40 expert anglers will gather at Lotus Pond (蓮池潭) in Kaohsiung City this Sunday, March 19, to compete in a lure fishing contest targeting invasive predatory species including the giant snakehead. Kaohsiung City Council members Chen Mei-juan (陳玫娟) and Qiu Jun-xian (邱俊憲) told reporters that exotic species had become a serious problem in the lake, requiring a considerable expenditure of manpower and resources. Invasive species include jaguar fish (Cichlasoma managuense), Amazon Peacock Bass (Cichla ocellaris), red devil

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