Children and Teachers Evacuate Bus Before it Bursts into Flames

A bus carrying students and teachers from Malaysia and Singapore erupted into flames shortly after the passengers disembarked from the vehicle in Ilan County last night, November 10. Shortly before 9:00pm, Friday evening, the tour bus carrying 32 passengers who had just visited a tourist farm got stuck after attempting to negotiate a 90 degree turn at an intersection of two narrow mountain roadways. With a back wheel stuck in a ditch, the driver stepped on the throttle in an

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Bus Crashes and Burns in New Taipei City

A municipal bus crashed into a building in Xinzhuang District and caught fire early this morning after the driver lost consciousness at the wheel. Fortunately, the bus was not carrying passengers at the time. According to Liberty Times Network, at around 5:00am, the 41 year-old driver fainted while stopped at an intersection and his foot hit the accelerator. The bus traveled for around 40 meters before crashing into the building. After crashing, the driver’s foot appears to have remained stuck

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Driver Suspected of Mass Murder-Suicide Allegedly Faced Jail term for Sexual Assault

The plot thickened today in an investigation into a tragic fire that killed 26 people traveling on a coach in Taiwan July 19, 2016. Yesterday, a forensics report found that the driver, Su Ming-cheng (蘇明成) had been driving drunk, and had stored 5 bottles of gasoline in the drivers compartment. Investigators began considering the possibility that the event may have been a murder-suicide. Apple Daily reports that a tour guide who previously worked with the bus driver recognized him after

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Driver Suspected of Deliberately Setting Bus on Fire

The driver of a tourist coach that caught fire on National Freeway 2, killing all 26 people on board, is suspected of having been driving under the influence of alcohol, and deliberately setting himself and the coach on fire. A forensic report released today states that alcohol was found in the stomach, blood, and urine of the bus driver at a level of 1.07 milligrams per liter. The report also states that the driver’s compartment contained several containers of gasoline,

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Tour Coach Catches Fire: 26 Dead

Last Update 14:50 A tour coach crashed into the guardrail after catching fire and going out of control on National Highway 2 near the airport interchange at around midday. Twenty-six people including 24 passengers, the driver, and a tour-guide were incinerated in the blaze. Because of the intensity of the fire, it took firefighters 30 minutes to extinguish the flames. The coach was carrying a tour group from Laoning Province, China. They were heading to Taipei Taoyuan International Airport to

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