Children and Teachers Evacuate Bus Before it Bursts into Flames

A bus carrying students and teachers from Malaysia and Singapore erupted into flames shortly after the passengers disembarked from the vehicle in Ilan County last night, November 10.

Shortly before 9:00pm, Friday evening, the tour bus carrying 32 passengers who had just visited a tourist farm got stuck after attempting to negotiate a 90 degree turn at an intersection of two narrow mountain roadways.

With a back wheel stuck in a ditch, the driver stepped on the throttle in an attempt to extricate the vehicle until the back tires started to emit smoke.

The grade 4 and 5 elementary school students and teachers from Malaysia and Singapore who were on the second day of a five day, four night tour of Taiwan, quickly disembarked from the vehicle.

As the driver continued to spin the back wheels, the tires suddenly erupted into flames, which quickly spread to the vehicle.

Firefighters turned up at the scene around 5 minutes after the fire broke out and had extinguished the blaze by 9:10pm.

According to scant media reports, nobody was injured in the blaze.

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One thought on “Children and Teachers Evacuate Bus Before it Bursts into Flames

  • November 13, 2017 at 12:06 pm

    Please do not let the bus driver lose his job as it was an accident. If you fired the bus driver , he will not be able to support his family as he has no income.


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