It’s only November and depth of snow in Southern Mongolia breaks 70-year record

Snow in Tongliao, Southern Mongolia, has accumulated to a depth not seen since 1951, according to the China Meteorological Administration. Heavy snowfall has lasted around 46 hours in the Chinese-occupied region, with a cumulative snowfall of 81.3 millimeters in the city of Tongliao, and a snow depth of 68 centimeters at the Kulunqi Weather Station, according to reports. According to the China Meteorological Administration, if the snow does not melt quickly, it may declare a natural disaster. A snowfall disaster

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As cold front approaches Keelung City delays construction to keep underpass open for homeless

The Keelung City Government has decided to temporarily delay renovation of two pedestrian underpasses, as a cold front bearing down on Taiwan is expected to bring a sharp drop in temperatures tomorrow, and councillors worry that homeless people may have nowhere to go for shelter. The Keelung City Government decided to renovate the Chenghuang Temple-Dong’an Plaza underpasses after it was noted that the tunnels were prone to leak in rain, were covered in graffiti, and had a dingy appearance. After

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Cold weather comes early to East Asia as energy crisis looms in China

In Taiwan, October 17, northeasterly monsoonal winds brought an early cooling respite from the hellish heat of a long, hot summer, but parts of China saw sub-zero temperatures arrive the earliest in more than half a century, and snow fell in Japan a half-month earlier than last year. In Hokkaido, Japan, the cities of Wakkanai and Asahikawa saw the first snow, Sunday, 17 days earlier than last year, the Sapporo District Meteorological Observatory announced. All-Nippon News Network reported that under

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Snow and Ice in the Mountains: Traffic Controls to be enforced

Due to expected snow and icy conditions on Taiwan’s mountain roads, the National Highway Administration has announced that traffic controls will be implemented from tonight March 24 to the morning of March 26. Motorists will be required to use snow chains to traverse some sections on the cross-island highways and other high-altitude roads. Some sections may completely closed to traffic depending on conditions. Taiwan is currently under the influence of a continental cold air mass. Continental high pressure systems form

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