Spate of gun busts in pre-election crime sweep sees more than 50 firearms confiscated

Police arrested a man in Taichung City yesterday found to be in possession of a Beretta pistol loaded with dumdum bullets, and a revolving shotgun, in the latest of a series of raids that has seen 56 firearms confiscated, and dozens of people arrested.

Police officers from Taoyuan City’s Pingzhen Branch had long been attempting to track a 50-year-old man named Zheng, who was suspected of being part of a gun trading syndicate. Zheng was of no fixed abode and constantly on the move. Yesterday, November 28, police were informed that Zheng was staying at a motel in Xitun District, Taichung City.

A police team swooped on the motel and broke down the door to Zheng’s room, immediately restraining him before he could reach for a weapon.

In Zheng’s bag, police found a Beretta pistol loaded with expanding (dumdum) bullets, and a revolving shotgun with 10 shotgun shells.

Dumdum bullets were also found during a raid in Kaohsiung City just a few days ago. The bullets are designed to expand upon hitting a target, causing horrendous injuries. The expanding bullets have been banned for use in warfare since the Hague Convention of 1899.

A nation-wide police sweep designed to disarm gangsters in order to prevent interference in the upcoming Presidential elections in January began last month. Between November 20 and 26 alone, a total of 40 cases were handled, with 42 suspects arrested. Two standard firearms, 40 modified guns, and 14 airguns were confiscated.

guns seized in Kaohsiung City
An arsenal raided in Kaohsiung City on November 24 turned up 4 modified Taurus pistols, an unmodified replica, a tactical kit for converting the pistol into an assault rifle, 34 rounds of ammunition, tools used to modify guns, drugs, and other paraphernalia.
Guns on display after recent raid in New Taipei City
Guns on display after recent raid in New Taipei City.
Revolving shotgun and Beretta pistol confiscated in Taichung City
Revolving shotgun and Beretta pistol confiscated in Taichung City.
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